Gavin Newman

Cameraman ~ Photographer ~ Filmmaker

Right from the earliest age
I had an interest in photography learned from my father. My school didn't run any photography classes but with Dads backing we persuaded them to let me do a CSE qualification in Photography which 'we' duly passed. From there, a year at art college led on to a Degree course in Photography Film & Television at Harrow Technical College in London specialising in industrial & Scientific images.

My fathers interest in photography had got me started but our chosen subjects were to prove very different, his being people and portraits, mine to be somewhat less conventional. Caving was a passion born of family holidays in the Yorkshire Dales and was soon to take over from competitive swimming as my focus in
life. Caves offered the ultimate photographic studio and a chance to capture images of a world that few get to see. Diving followed and ultimately combined into cave diving and the chance to explore and document some of the worlds last truly unexplored places.

Through caving and diving expeditions I got involved in several film projects and through mutual friends got to work with prolific adventure film maker Leo Dickinson, whose support and enthusiasm for my work was to lead to my expansion into filming as well as photography. Diving and caves still remain a passion as do environmental issues. Filming work for the environmental group Greenpeace compliments my work for the BBC and other UK based TV companies working on such iconic series as Planet E
arth, Wild China and Human Planet.
Personal film projects have included caves, cave diving and Greenpeace whale campaigns. Ever in search ways to document unexplored areas, a new passion for ROV's has led to designing and building 'NEMO' the worlds first underwater robotic vehicle purpose built for High Definition television filming work. 
© 2010 Gavin Newman