Gavin Newman

Cameraman ~ Photographer ~ Filmmaker


is our purpose built High Definition underwater filming robot ( ROV ). Designed entirely around the camera system, NEMO produces the best possible quality HD images for television and science applications.
Many television & film companies have tried filming with commercial ROV’s but the results are usually very poor. These vehicles are designed for deep water engineering, not film work and the operators often have little or no understanding of the requirements of high end broadcasters.
NEMO changes all that…

Designed and operated by Emmy award winning cameraman
Gavin Newman, NEMO combines state of the art broadcast technology with the latest ROV systems resulting in a unique underwater filming tool. A broadcast quality HD camera system forms the heart of the system. Fiber optics send the uncompressed HD signal back to the surface control unit where the HD-SDI signal can be monitored and recorded to the built in Nanoflash recorder or any other recording system. A fully proportionally controlled Pan & Tilt camera mount allows a full range of smooth camera moves whilst multiple lighting options allow for creative lighting of subjects.

More conventional ROV systems include 360 degree scanning sonar for target acquisition and collision avoidance, altimeter, and multiple low light navigation cameras. For science work, switchable scaling lasers and a sampling grabber complete the system.

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