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I was not alone...

Whilst NEMO has always been a very personal project and I do as much of the engineering as possible I could never have done it alone.
Several people have been involved in turning my often naive ideas into reality and teaching me much along the way.
Roger Plant helped me understand the basics of ROV’s, the physics, limitations and possibilities and helped with much of the early engineering of NEMO MK1.
Rianne Oliver helped me with the Aluminium welding, then taught me to do it myself and lent me the equipment needed.
Michael Himms helped with some of the early computer programming before another friend created the unique software control system we have today.
The biggest assistance with the NEMO project in recent years has come from
Ian Phillips, a specialist engineering friend. Ian has been invaluable source of ideas and solutions as well as some fine engineering and electronic design. The change to a vectored 6 thruster design required a complete rebuild of the electronics system powering the thrusters and it all had to be fitted into the limited space available inside the electronics pod. Ian not only designed the required electronics systems and solved the intricate 3d puzzle to make it all fit, but also rebuilt two of the old thruster motors to provide drive for a new pan and tilt unit. For more on this and Ians other work check out his website here.
Colin & Brenda Main and everyone at MacArtney in Aberdeen have always pulled the stops out to supply connectors and cable mouldings, often at very short notice to keep NEMO in the water, and Andrew Seaton at Tritech put up with endless Sonar queries when we had problems implementing the sonar with our new computer and fiber optic systems. Finally Andrew Bazeley at Technadyne in the US provided endless technical support during the implementation of the new thrusters, often replying to emails even during weekends. When a unit inexplicably failed immediately prior to an important job, I contacted them by email on a Sunday, had a reply within an hour, sent it on the Monday morning back to the San Diego in the U.S. where it was repaired and returned to us in the U.K. by the thursday morning FOC. Impressive customer service by anyones standards!

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